College Department

Level 2 Re-Accredited Status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges & Universities (PAASCU).


to develop students’ innate faculties and power for personal and social transformation through a collaborative, inclusive, interdisciplinary, value-centered, experiential and feminist approach, emphasizing participation, reflection, critical analysis and discernment as a way of life;

to form Christian professionals who possess moral and academic excellence in Accountancy, Business, Communications, Education, Psychology and Social Work, capable of performing their mission and tasks peculiar to their profession in a most efficient, productive, creative and caring manner;

to help every member of the academic community develop a value system that embodies the good (virtute), the true (scientia), the arts (artibus) and the sacred in the Filipino heritage as it continually dialogues with the gospel towards the attainment of a sovereign Filipino nation and transformed world community;

to develop Christian women leaders imbued with a missionary spirit who will work towards upholding the dignity of persons and creating a humane and just humanity and environment for all;

to establish a meaningful partnership with organizations working for the upliftment of marginalized sectors, the transformation of society and the preservation of the integrity of creation of positive attitudes and habits for self-directed and properly motivated options in life.

College College


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Majors in: Entrepreneurial Management
  Marketing Management

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BA COM)

Majors in: Corporate Communication
  Media Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (AB Psyc)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psyc)

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW)

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)

Areas of Concentration: General Education
  Pre-School Education
  Special Needs Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)

Majors in: English

Diploma Courses (for Second Coursers)

Diploma in Professional Education (DPE)

Diploma in Teaching Special Education (DTSPED)



    Lower Primary 6 to 9 years old
    Upper Primary 10 to12 years old
    13 years old and up

Schedule of Classes
WHOLE DAY | 8:30 am-3:30 pm
HALF-DAY | 8:30 am-11:30 am & 12:30 nn-3:30 pm


The College Student Council (CSC) aims to promote the general welfare of the college student and support Saint Theresa’s College’s thrust for holistic development of its students so that they can be better agents of transformation.  Furthermore, the CSC seeks to effectively integrate the religious, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities in order to enhance the personal and professional growth of students.

Each college student becomes a member of the College Student Council upon enrollment.

Other student organizations are of two natures:

College College
  1. The Academic Organizations strengthen and deepen curricular programs. Students automatically become members of the organizations of their respective courses. ALAGAD, an organization of Social Work students
    • JUNIOR EDUCATORS’ ORGANIZATION, an organization of Education students
    • JPIA (Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants), STC Chapter; an organization of Accountancy and Management Accounting students
    • JWEA (Junior Women Executives Association), an organization of Business Management Business Administration and Marketing Management students TCO (Theresian Communicators Organization), an organization of Communication students
    • PSYCLIQUE, an organization of Psychology students
  2. The Non-Academic Organizations cater to the needs/interests of the students. They also contribute to the promotion of environmental/social consciousness and spiritual upliftment.  Affiliation in these organizations is compulsory.
    • ASA (Association of Student Assistants)
    • CoM (Children of Mary)
    • LET (League of Environmentalist Theresians)
    • Red Cross Youth, STC Chapter
    • Photo Society
    • BUHILAMAN (College Theatre Group)
    • Speakers’ Academy



Form 138/High School Card
1 copy of Birth Certificate authenticated from NSO
1 Letter of Good Moral Character from Principal, Dean of Students Affairs, Year Adviser or Guidance Counselor
4 copies of 1x1 I.D. photo


Transfer Credential or Honorable dismissal
Informative copy of grades and credits earned
1 copy of Birth Certificate authenticated from NSO
1 Letter of Good Moral Character from Principal, Dean of Students Affairs, Year Adviser or Guidance Counselor
4 copies of 1x1 I.D. photo
College College

Second Coursers

Transfer Credential or Honorable dismissal
Informative copy of grades and credits earned
1 copy of Birth Certificate authenticated from NSO
4 copies of 1x1 I.D. photo

Foreign Students

Letter of Application for Admission
Six copies of the following:
Originally filled-up Personal History Statement (PHS) forms
I.D. photo (2" x 2")
Original, Official Transcript of Records
with Red Ribbon (authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in the place of origin)
which must be in English and with clear explanation of the grading system.
Affidavit of Support (authenticated) - with Red Ribbon
Police Clearance (authenticated) - with Red Ribbon
Pertinent pages of Passport (authenticated)
Bank Statement or Certificate of Employment of the Sponsor (as financial proof)
Application and Processing Fee
Letter of Good Moral Character

Additional requirements for Married students:

2 verified copies of Marriage Contract

Additional requirements for those seeking financial assistance:

Income Tax Return
Interview with Scholarship Admission Committee
Home Visitation

College Dean : Ms. Gloria H. Longakit
Accountancy & Business Administration : Ms. Ma. Teresa V. Atienza
Communication : Ms. Mia E. Mateo
Education : Ms. Judith C. Dabon
Psychology : Ms. Ma. Ditas L. Orozco
Social Work : Ms. Gloria H. Longakit

Contact Information:

Dean’s Office | 253-6339
College Guidance Office | 253-0257