Editorial: Is this World Still Worth Living In? The Catalyst, Grade School Department

Beth Audrey A. Bonusan, Grade 6A

Now is the time of Steve jobs – modern day technology – when we don’t really pay attention to our surroundings, especially when we are so engrossed with our cell phones. We do not bother to look around us and notice our environment. Today, we see a world that when compared to centuries before, is horrible.

These days, gadgets and social media have taken over our lives. For example, a striking post on Facebook showed young people taking pictures of themselves in a place where garbage was scattered on the floor. This post made me wonder what they really thought when they took pictures there. Perhaps, they were not bothered by the trash surrounding them, or they were just so pre-occupied with their gadgets. This is not supposed to be happening because we ought to have control over gadgets that have begun controlling us.

A few days ago, on our way home, we saw this man with his phone while walking. He was really absorbed with it that he did not see the piece of plastic and the banana peel, and he slip up. This simply means that when we are engrossed with our phones or any gadget, we tend to forget our surroundings.

Our gadgets are very useful. We use them every day in our research and in communicating with our loved ones. We are really blessed to be in this era because we are provided with several devices like tablets, computers, and phones. However, everything should be done in moderation for a good purpose. We can use these technologies in convincing others to save Mother Earth. We can post pictures that uphold the integrity of God’s creation instead of posting irrelevant ideas. We should learn to regulate and practice self-discipline in everything we do.

In conclusion, let us make use of our resources wisely so that whatever God has given us will not be put to waste. Let us be catalysts of change in our own community. Throwing our trash into the right bin may be simple but if everybody does it, it will create a great impact in our lives. Let us not give up, although, we find ourselves asking constantly, “Is this world still worth living in?” The answer depends on each one of us.

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