Launching of General Theme, SY 2014-2015

June 23, 2014

The Laity: Light of the World and Salt of the Earth!

Dear Theresians, as disciples of Jesus, our Lord is calling us all on this significant year, 2014, to be the Light of the World and Salt of the Earth. With the declaration of the Year of the Laity, now is the best time for us to participate actively in the Church’s preparations for the upcoming International Eucharistic Congress in 2016. How can we be “Light of the World and Salt of the Earth”?

Through our loving service to others, especially to those who have less in life and the poor in our midst, through our honest work and truthfulness in our dealing with others, we can follow Jesus and remain his disciples in this time. These are few of the simple ways we can do to bring “light” to the world that is darkened by evil and sin. These are simple ways we can do to bringing hope and joy to the world that is full of suffering and pain. As Jesus’ disciples, we are asked to make a sacrifice for the good of others. Sacrifice is an expression of true love which we celebrate in the Eucharist. Solidarity I another one; it is one of the marks of a Christian community. We unite ourselves in the joys and sufferings of others, and by Sharing with them what little we have in life, we become Christ-like. Hence, this morning, we launch the Church’s project called PISO PARA SA MISA NG MUNDO. IT is an opportunity for us to share and sacrifice for the success of the International Eucharistic Congress, that big event that we will host here in Cebu in 2016. PISO is a small amount that even a poor child can afford to share. It is a small amount that can go a long way, and when given with generosity in one’s heart will please God enormously. Let us then share from now on our Piso Para Sa Misa Ng Mundo.

Dr. Dulce Jesus L. Baricuatro
CFP Coordinator

Information Office | 253-6337
Pre-Elem & Grade School | 255-3891
High School | 253-3432
College | 253-6339